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What is the John Adams Society?

The John Adams Society is a leadership organisation for participants of the US State Department’s prestigious International Visitor Leadership Programme, and other equivalent exchanges. The Society was formed to promote the UK-US special relationship and organises a range of high quality activities with the aim of connecting, engaging, inspiring and educating current and future leaders in transparent, dynamic and open dialogue. Members are encouraged to continue their IVLP experiences by recognising their opportunity and responsibility to both ‘give back’ to society by engaging in mentoring and volunteering activities and actively engaging in international relations throughout the year.

The Society is an umbrella organisation, a network of networks, for alumni of professional and educational exchange programmes that exist between the United States of America and the United Kingdom. You can join as a full JAS member if you have participated in a programme with one of the following:

  • US State Department International Visitors Leadership Programme
  • Fulbright Classroom Teacher Exchange Programme
  • Sutton Trust
  • British-American Parliamentary Group
  • Marshall Scholars
  • Tuttle Scholars
  • Rhodes Scholars
If your programme is not listed here and you believe you have participated in a UK/US exchange programme that should be eligible for JAS membership, please contact the JAS team for more information.

Our Three Pillars

Special Relationship

High quality activities

Giving back

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The John Adams Society is formed on the basis of three pillars:

  • Recognise high quality activities: the organisation of activities with the purpose of connecting, engaging, inspiring and educating JAS leaders with unique and exclusive insight and opportunities.
  • Special relationship: Highlight the importance of the special relationship and promoting its strength through current and future US/UK leaders. This is done by promoting transparent, dynamic, open dialogue and diplomacy and engagement between such leaders.

The Society strives to provide an extension of the IVLP experience (in terms of opportunities and networks) to produce a tangible and demonstrable enhancement of the US-UK special relationship.

Taking dialogue further to produce tangible/demonstrable improvements in the special relationship:

-        JAS members bringing their expertise and experience to bear for the purpose of improving the special relationship

-        Organising activities on a range of issues from an independent point of view (offer bi/multilateral activities), for example through our Embassy Outreach Programme.

Beyond the special relationship, the Society seeks to explore wider international relations and the impact JAS members can have globally.

  • Giving back to society: as leaders, we recognise and believe in the value of ‘giving back’ to society including offering development opportunities to the next generation (JAS young leaders and non-JAS leaders) and hosting activities alongside partner organisations involved in giving back.

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